I'm Sam.

Back in 2013 I wrote a short book about Bitcoin, and have been an advocate ever since.

I co-founded OB1, a company which lead development of OpenBazaar. OpenBazaar was a decentralized marketplace where people could engage in free trade without needing to ask permission from anyone. The company and project failed in 2020, though the open source code lives on.

Voiceover work is a fun side venture, click the voiceover link above to see my work.

I worked in Washington D.C. as a policy analyst, mostly on technology policy. My ideological views are solidly in support of individual rights and freedoms and are unabashedly pro-humanity. Books like "The Rational Optimist" by Matt Ridley, "Englightenment Now" by Steven Pinker, and "Stubborn Attachments" by Tyler Cowen are closest to my thinking.

There are many hobbies I enjoy, such as ham radio, macro photography, writing, and programming. I sometimes blog about them.

Reading is a way of life. I'm a lifelong learner.

Fitness has become important to me, and I now regularly participate in long distance cycling and other outdoor activities.

I enjoy talking with interesting people about interesting subjects. If you're one of those people, contact me.