Portfolio and Media



I wrote Bitcoin Beginner in 2013, one of the first books published about Bitcoin.


Hacker's Congress, Paralelni Polis, Prague, 2017 - Now Is The Time To Shift To A Decentralized Marketplace

Hacker's Congress, Paralelni Polis, Prague, 2016 - Free Trade Through Decentralized Commerce

PorcFest XIII, New Hampshire, 2016 - Presentation on Bitcoin and decentralized commerce

Liberty.me, Online, 2014 - Up & Running with Bitcoin

Hillsdale College Free Market Forum, Panel on Bitcoin, Indianapolis, 2014 - How Bitcoin Works


Breakdown of all Satoshi's Writings Proves Bitcoin not Built Primarily as Store of Value, and accompanying video - 2019

Foundation for Economic Education, 2014 - Why I’m Hopeful About the Prospects for Bitcoin

Foundation for Economic Education, 2016 - Is Bitcoin Dead (Again)?

Coin Center, 2015 - Decentralized Markets

Liberty.me, 2014 - Up and Running with Bitcoin

Hillsdale College Free Market Forum, 2014 - How Bitcoin Works

Technical Writing / Tutorials

A large portion of my technical writing was lost when OpenBazaar shut down, but some archives remain.

OpenBazaar 2.0 video tutorial

Which Cryptocurrencies are supported in OpenBazaar - 2019

Beginner's Guide to Buying Goods and Services, 2018


Video / audio project highlighting the improving state of the world, 2019 - The Sound of Progress

Computer-generated poetry - I wrote a python program to create Amulets, short poems created by a computer which also contain a unique hash.

AI Images - I've been experimenting with using AI to create or enchance images, particularly my landscape photography. Here's an example of a photo I took then improved using an AI tool (MidJourney).




Bitcoin Without Internet | School of Block - Mar 2021

CryptoEcon 2020 - Interview Sam Patterson (Co-Founder OpenBazaar) - CryptoEcon Conference, Saigon, Vietnam - Feb 2020

A Conversation on Technology and Liberty - The Antigua Forum, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala - 2017

OpenBazaar | TheProtocol.TV - September 2014

OpenBazaar in Depth: Interview with COO Sam Patterson - 2015

Redecentralize Sam Patterson - Oct 2016

Media quotes

Bitcoin Sent Offline from Toronto to Michigan Through Shortwave Radio - Crypto Vibes - Feb 2019

Creators of New Fed-Proof Bitcoin Marketplace Swear It's Not for Drugs - Wired - Sept 2014

OpenBazaar Is Not The Next Silk Road -- It's An Anarchist eBay On Acid - Forbes - Mar 2016

OpenBazaar Raises $1M from Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures - Finance Magnates - Nov 2015

Bitcoin’s Use Case for Payments Strengthens with Lightning-Powered App - Yahoo - July 2019